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jeux motorola en Vrac
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Messages: 897
Inscrit le: 13 Fév 2007
Localisation: Toulouse
Sexe: Homme
Opérateur: Orange
Mobile: NOKIA 6680 - N70
Connaissances en Mobiles: Expert
Point(s): 7 714
Moyenne de points: 8,60
Message Posté le: 08/02/2008 22:28:47     Sujet du message: jeux motorola en Vrac
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Alpha Wing 2

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Compatible avec : V3


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Message Posté le: 08/02/2008 22:28:47     Sujet du message: Publicité
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Messages: 3
Inscrit le: 19 Fév 2008
Localisation: alg
Sexe: Homme
Opérateur: djezzy
Mobile: moto v3
Point(s): 3
Moyenne de points: 1,00
Message Posté le: 19/02/2008 17:14:02     Sujet du message: jeux motorola en Vrac
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mci frere


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Inscrit le: 24 Mai 2008
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Message Posté le: 24/05/2008 17:47:39     Sujet du message: jeux motorola en Vrac
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Messages: 20
Inscrit le: 29 Avr 2010
Point(s): 20
Moyenne de points: 1,00
Message Posté le: 06/07/2010 07:22:51     Sujet du message: Getting an Epic mount at level 60
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At level 60 you have the opportunity of getting an Epic mount, the Dreadsteed when the following quest line will open up to you.
Will now give you the quest to collect 10 x [Unknown Item: Elixir of Shadow Power] and take them to . These can only be made by an Alchemist (level 250) with 3 x [Unknown Item: Ghost Mushroom] each. You can purchase the recipe from in the Undercity or in Stormwind for 1.5 gold. The last of these gathering quests is from Mor'Zul who again asks you to collect for Gorzeeki. 3 x [Unknown Item: Arcanite Bar] this time. These can only be obtained through a transmute performed by an Alchemist.
Take the quest from and then purchase 3 x [Unknown Item: Shadowy Potion] for 6 gold. This will make you friendly to the denizens of Jaedenar for 20 minutes so you can make your way down the back of the cave to Jaedenar. Once you've spoken with Lord Banehollow he will give you which asks you to bring the heart of to him. Find him and once you speak with him he will turn hostile. You will need to kill his four guards also and once you have his heart return it to Lord Banehollow. ( guild wars 2 gold)
will then give you an quest and he'll give you an imp in a jar which you must take to the Alchemy Lab where is located in Scholomance. Once there, and you have cleared some of the mobs, release the Imp who will run around for a short while. Once he's finished return to .
Nearly there. You'll now be given the quest by . You will require three items for this that Gorzeeki will sell you. [Unknown Item: J'eevee's Jar] 150 gold, [Unknown Item: Black Lodestone] 50 gold and [Unknown Item: Xorothian Glyphs] 50 gold. However, any Warlock can have them to summon the Dreadsteed.
Head to Dire Maul, the west part. Make your way through it to and once he is dead activate J'eevee's Jar to release J'eevee who will begin the ritual of creating the Circle of Greater Summoning. This will take a while and you need to kill of any foe that spawn in the meantime. Once J'eevee has completed the ritual the mobs will disappear.
You then activate the [Unknown Item: Xorothian Glyphs] to open a portal and a will appear. Engage him and who will appear mid fight. Once they are both defeated the spirit of the Dreadsteed will appear. Talk to him and the Unknown spell: Summon Dreadsteed skill will appear in your spellbook and your riding skill will increase to 150

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Message Posté le: 18/03/2018 16:35:58     Sujet du message: jeux motorola en Vrac

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