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Codes pour Bosh
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Inscrit le: 13 Fév 2007
Localisation: Toulouse
Sexe: Homme
Opérateur: Orange
Mobile: NOKIA 6680 - N70
Connaissances en Mobiles: Expert
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Message Posté le: 04/02/2008 18:54:02     Sujet du message: Codes pour Bosh
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Message Posté le: 04/02/2008 18:54:02     Sujet du message: Publicité
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Messages: 17
Inscrit le: 09 Juin 2010
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Message Posté le: 12/06/2010 03:40:05     Sujet du message: The pacing is almost perfect
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The area I am most happy about and where I think Blizzard really learned from past experiences is timing and pacing. The timing on the instances was amazing. The first run through took a bit over an hour to learn, and then after that it could easily be done in 30-45 minutes! To me this is perfect. Also the pacing is almost perfect.
The first two instance felt like it was pull-pull-pull-boss repeat. Obviously there were more than 3 pulls between bosses, but it felt like that was it, there was enough trash to establish a feel for the instance and to control pace, but not enough to make it feel dragged out. There were no really long dragging spots in either instance. The third instance, Azjol'Nerub, is very literally pull, boss, pull, boss, pull, boss, done.
The last issue that was discussed that I was concerned about was the boss fight mechanics and ensuring that the fights and the instances as a whole were entertaining. So far the bosses have combined various elements from the past with enough minor twists to be challenging and entertaining.(final fantasy xiv gil)
While they are slightly more complicated than old level-up instances, they are also aimed at players that have managed to get through all the old content and therefore know how to fight a boss. A+ for the fights that I have seen so far. I especially like the Arch Magus fight in the Nexus.
So far I have really enjoyed the new instances. They provide enough of the same old instance experience but with a few new tweaks. I especially like the new lesser time requirement and the very good pacing so far. The instances run as well as the best BC instances, yet feel slightly smoother. Once you consider that they also have better story line tie ins, and that the group requirements are less than before, I believe many more players will chose to level inside of instance than did in the first expansion.
I can not wait to get into and experience the rest of the new instances if they are anything like these first ones. So far they have been quick 1 hour or less, well paced, entertaining romps with a few fellow adventurers that provided great experience (5ish bubbles unrested). To me this is almost ideal.


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Message Posté le: 18/06/2010 04:50:12     Sujet du message: The new "Mastery System" coming in Cataclysm
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The new "Mastery System" coming in Cataclysm is one of the issues we addressed; players were having a tough time wrapping their minds around the idea last week, and we noticed many of our own readers bringing up similar questions in their comments.
As luck would have it, Blizzard's Eyonix posted a "Mastery System Preview" thread in the official forums—most likely in response to all the confusion and speculation that the original stat system announcement stirred up last week.
"With this system," Eyonix said in the post, "we want to accomplish three things: give players more freedom in how they allocate talent points, simplify some of the 'kitchen sinky' talents that try to do too much at once, and add a new stat to high-level gear that makes you better at your chosen role." Eyonix explained that as players spend points in a particular talent tree (as per usual), they will receive three different "passive bonuses" specific to that tree. (wow gold)
He said the first bonus will increase damage, healing or survivability, depending on the role of the talent tree. The second bonus will relate to a specific stat that's "commonly found on gear desirable to you, such as Haste or Crit," he said. Finally, the third bonus will provide players with a unique effect related to that tree; there will be 30 different effect bonuses total.
Eyonix describes that the purpose of the upcoming Mastery system is "to give players more flexibility to choose fun or utility-oriented talents rather than make them feel obligated to pick up 'mandatory' but uninteresting talents, such as passive damage or healing." Check out Eyonix's complete post after the jump, in which he describes the Mastery system in more detail and offers a few class-specific examples of the bonuses it will provide.
As we get closer to Cataclysm’s release, we’ll go into more detail about the changes coming for each class, including individual talent-tree adjustments and how Mastery will affect them. In the meantime, here are a few examples to demonstrate the three kinds of passive bonuses we described above. Please keep in mind that we're still working on this system, and the handful of examples we're providing here are, of course, subject to change.

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Message Posté le: 18/03/2018 06:52:25     Sujet du message: Codes pour Bosh

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