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SFR supprime les frontières
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Inscrit le: 13 Fév 2007
Localisation: Toulouse-31
Sexe: Homme
Opérateur: SFR
Mobile: Nokia 6280
Connaissances en Mobiles: Expert
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Message Posté le: 04/11/2007 02:35:21     Sujet du message: SFR supprime les frontières
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Afin de séduire une nouvelle clientèle proche de la Belgique, du Luxembourg, de l'Allemagne, et de la Suisse, l'opérateur SFR teste une nouvelle offre destinée aux frontaliers baptisée "Pass Frontières". L'avantage de cette offre est qu'elle permet aux appels passés ou reçus dans ces pays de ne plus être comptabilisés comme des appels hors forfait. Aujourd'hui en France, il faut savoir que ce sont 10 millions de français qui habitent en zone frontalière. Parmi eux 250.000 travaillent de l'autre côté des frontières avec la Belgique, le Luxembourg, l'Allemagne ou la Suisse.

SFR Nord-Est a été choisie comme région pilote de ce lancement. Cette offre Pass Frontières n'est donc disponible que dans les points de vente de cette région. Elle comprend 2 forfaits avec des appels illimités vers 3 mobiles SFR, 2H ou 3H de communication nationales 7j/7 et 1H ou 1H30 d'appels émis ou reçus depuis la Belgique, le Luxembourg, l'Allemagne et la Suisse. La première formule avec 2h en nationale et 1h émis ou reçus depuis l'étranger est commercialisée 32 € les 4 premiers mois puis 39 €/mois. La seconde est facturée 39 € les 4 premiers mois puis 49 €/mois. Les minutes sont reportables d'un mois sur l'autre si elles n'ont pas été consommées. Deux services sont gratuits : l'alerte Conso avec la réception d'un SMS dés qu'une des couches de forfait arrive à 15 mn de la fin de validité, et l'info Conso : numéro (appel gratuit depuis la France) qui informe le client sur son crédit restant sur chaque couche, de son encours, ainsi que de ses dépassements éventuels.


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Message Posté le: 04/11/2007 02:35:21     Sujet du message: Publicité
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Message Posté le: 12/06/2010 03:33:59     Sujet du message: Getting dicated fanbase
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So you’ve got a very dedicated fanbase of both the tabletop games and the standalone PC gamers grabbing their swords getting ready to get into the next big thing within their gaming sphere. That’s going to account for a good portion of the players jumping into the game..
Then you have the naysayers jumping onto the next bandwagon. These are usually the people who have been playing WoW for a long time and have grown bored without anything to do. No one can blame them really. They’ve done all the dailies, they have the mounts, they have the raid gear, and they’re just in limbo until the next expansion.
These players generally are the ones that flood the forums and general chat talking about the next best game. They then pre-order it and wait until release day. They then rush into the game expecting, well, WoW. Now some find their home in the new game and that’s fine. If a game is good and it’s something you enjoy then that’s great. However, many players began playing MMOs for one reason. That reason is WoW. It’s nothing else. Their friends play WoW, they play WoW, and sometimes even people they know in real life play WoW.(cheap eq plat)
So it’s a weird experience. You’re a level seventy Rogue who can plow through people in PvP and see all of the rarest dungeons in the game. People in Ironforge or the Undercity know exactly who you are. Then a new game comes along and you’re in the proverbial sewers killing rats to hit level four. The game isn’t for you and then you’re back to what you love. Especially when what you love adds in an entire expansion that gives you several months (before patches) of new content to chew through.
So, the reality is, is that people play WoW for what WoW is. That’s a game that they love. Sure you’ll see a few people leave and you’ll see a few new faces, but it’s the same old thing as it always will be. Warhammer will probably be more successful than many of the other recent MMOGs that have launched recently. It’ll probably even take a good few WoW players. However, that’s fine.
That's even good if you consider growing the MMOG community and more variety in games a good thing. It’s not going to decimate or destroy WoW. The only thing that can do that is time itself. Eventually, one day, WoW will be old and boring to most everyone.
Luckily though, should that time come ten or fifteen years from now, we’ll see the next MMOG that Blizzard has in store for us to move on to. For right now it's doing fine and will continue to do so through this game launch and many others.


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Message Posté le: 21/01/2011 06:43:35     Sujet du message: SFR supprime les frontières
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Message Posté le: 25/01/2011 03:37:31     Sujet du message: How To Develop A Pre-Shot Routine
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How To Develop A Pre-Shot Routine

Everyday life, for many of us, contains strict routines. taylormade r9 supertri driver Sometimes we do not even how they start but they become part of our lives. Every Shot Must Have Its Purpose or having a golf pre-shot routine is something you must have and be consistent with in order to play your best golf.
Some simple routines that the US culture has, even date back prior to the United States becoming a country. For example, at social gatherings, Native Americans would sit in a circle by a fire and enjoy a good peace pipe. taylormade r9 driver This would be followed in the evening by dancing for entertainment. Sounds like your last date with your spouse or significant other doesn't it. Eating dinner with some friends at a round table followed by a couple of drinks and then dancing.

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Message Posté le: 21/02/2018 13:38:34     Sujet du message: SFR supprime les frontières

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