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[Streaming] bizarre? vous avez dit bizarre??
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Messages: 485
Inscrit le: 27 Aoû 2007
Localisation: Nouvelle Calédonie
Sexe: Homme
Mobile: Sony Ericsson K750i
Point(s): 2 514
Moyenne de points: 5,18
Médaille d'Honneur: Médaille d'Or
Message Posté le: 28/08/2007 11:31:28     Sujet du message: [Streaming] bizarre? vous avez dit bizarre??
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Voila quelque chose de pas ordinaire...quelques idées, explications??

[Mise en forme par Anis]





Message Posté le: 28/08/2007 11:31:28     Sujet du message: Publicité
PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?


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Messages: 931
Inscrit le: 13 Fév 2007
Localisation: Toulouse-31
Sexe: Homme
Opérateur: SFR
Mobile: Nokia 6280
Connaissances en Mobiles: Expert
Point(s): 5 221
Moyenne de points: 5,61
Message Posté le: 28/08/2007 12:07:32     Sujet du message: [Streaming] bizarre? vous avez dit bizarre??
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Il est trop trop marant ce chien !

Je ne sais pas ce qui se passe dans sa tete, mais sa doit pas être joli !

Il protège son jouet de sa propre patte hihi

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Message Posté le: 14/09/2007 15:42:18     Sujet du message: [Streaming] bizarre? vous avez dit bizarre??
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LOL trop marant !!


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Messages: 67
Inscrit le: 20 Oct 2007
Localisation: France
Opérateur: Inconnu :p
Mobile: Sony Ericsson k 750i
Point(s): 1 257
Moyenne de points: 18,76
Message Posté le: 14/11/2007 13:13:48     Sujet du message: [Streaming] bizarre? vous avez dit bizarre??
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C'est clair, ya un truc dans sa tête qui tourne pas rond xD !

Ne vous contentez pas de prendre, partagez aussi ;)


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Messages: 2
Inscrit le: 06 Avr 2008
Point(s): 2
Moyenne de points: 1,00
Message Posté le: 06/04/2008 11:10:29     Sujet du message: [Streaming] bizarre? vous avez dit bizarre??
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mdr  mdr3


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Messages: 17
Inscrit le: 09 Juin 2010
Point(s): 17
Moyenne de points: 1,00
Message Posté le: 25/06/2010 03:33:28     Sujet du message: The Dragon Aspects and the first World Tree
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Three of the Dragon Aspects grew the first World Tree, Nordrassil, atop the Well so that the tree, which was linked to the Emerald Dream, would act as a regulator on the Well's magics. Nordrassil also bestowed a number of gifts upon the night elves, including continued immortality.
Tyrande led the drive to reorganize night elf government. She believed that her order, the Sisterhood of Elune, had been too distant from the day-to-day affairs of their people. In her opinion, this distance had been partly to blame for the catastrophic war.
The Sisterhood was greatly revered for its combat and healing skills, and its members had trained as warriors and scholars for generations. Furthermore, the Sisterhood was one of the few sizeable night elf groups to survive the war. Better yet, membership and rank among the Sisterhood had never been based upon family bloodlines.(buy wow gold)
Inevitably Tyrande decided that her order should take on greater societal responsibilities. Never again would the Sisters of Elune fail in their duty to guide their people. Disbanding the former night elf army, most of which had been based on lineage rather than ability, Tyrande organized a new army called the Sentinels. This army is still directed by the Sisters of Elune, and thus Tyrande has been sole head of the night elf government throughout the ensuing millennia.
Meanwhile, Tyrande's mate, Malfurion, taught the druidic arts to other night elves. This small group of druids dedicated themselves to preserving the balance of nature on Azeroth. Highly respected by the rest of night elf society, the druids are nevertheless outside of it, for they answer to no government. Today the Cenarion Circle welcomes members from a variety of different races, but the organization has no governmental authority over any of these races.
Ashamed of the catastrophe their people had brought to Azeroth, the night elves withdrew to their forests and remained isolated there for approximately ten thousand years. Then their solitude was shattered by the arrival of Warchief Thrall and the Horde, along with a large group of human refugees, led by Lady Jaina Proudmoore.
Tyrande was infuriated by the intruders, who trespassed upon lands that had belonged to the night elves alone for millennia. The Horde in particular not only chopped down vast stretches of forest, but also slew the demigod Cenarius.

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Message Posté le: 19/02/2018 23:02:30     Sujet du message: [Streaming] bizarre? vous avez dit bizarre??

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