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Comment créer mon thème pour mon HTC TOUCH??
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Inscrit le: 02 Juil 2008
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Message Posté le: 02/07/2008 16:16:39     Sujet du message: Comment créer mon thème pour mon HTC TOUCH??
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Je viens d acquérir un HTC TOUCH et je voudrais créer mon propre thème qui reprendrait les images et les couleurs de mon site de chevaux percherons. Merci de m aider.

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Message Posté le: 02/07/2008 16:16:39     Sujet du message: Publicité
PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?


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Localisation: Toulouse
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Message Posté le: 02/07/2008 16:35:14     Sujet du message: Comment créer mon thème pour mon HTC TOUCH??
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Je vais essayer de te trouver cela, mais le problème, c'est que le créateur de thème n'est pas souvent présent sur ce forum. Je crois qu'il y a des tutoriaux pour cela. Je vais essayer d'en trouver un.

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Inscrit le: 13 Fév 2007
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Message Posté le: 02/07/2008 16:40:40     Sujet du message: Comment créer mon thème pour mon HTC TOUCH??
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il me semble que ton portable est un s60. Les thèmes de ton portable sont en quel format ?

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Inscrit le: 12 Mar 2009
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Message Posté le: 12/03/2009 04:58:29     Sujet du message: Comment créer mon thème pour mon HTC TOUCH??
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My Definition of Success
“Once upon a time, there was a king who had a daughter as beautiful as a blooming rose. To all the suitors who came to the
king's palace to ask for the hand of the princess, the old king assigned three tasks to be accomplished, each ne
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,And the ending is always the same, finishing with the line "And they live happily every after." Why aren't we tired of
something so fanciful, so unrealistic, and, I would say, so unimaginative? How can a story like that endure generations of
repetition`? Because, I think, it is a typical success story. It is highly philosophical and symbolic. By implication, we see
a 4-step definition of success: 1 ) a goal to be set. as represented by the beautiful princess; 2 ) challenges to be met, as
represented by the three tasks; 3 ) the process of surmounting difficulties, as represented by the ordeals the youthgoes
through; and 4 ) the reward of success, as represented by the happy marriage. The story not only caters to everyone's inward
yearning for success,(maple story mesos,) but also emphasizes the
inseparability of the process and the result. The reward of success will be much amplified if the path leading towards it is
treacherous, and vice versa. If a person inherits his father's millions and leads an easy life, he is not a successful person
even in material terms, because there are no difficulties involved in his achieving affluence. The term "success", to be
sure. will not sit still for easy definition. But as I understand it, the true meaning of success entails a combination of
both the process and the satisfactory result of an endeavor. To clarify my view, let me give another analogy.
maple story mesos,If we changed the rules of football, greatly enlarged the goal and sent
away David Seaman or any other goal keeper, so that another David, namely David Beckham, could score easily, then scoring
would not give him the thrill of accomplishment and the joy that it brings. If we further changed the rules by not allowing
Arsenal's defenders to defend, so that Beckham needed only to lift a finger,(WOW Power
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disappeared. In accepting the challenge, in surmounting the difficulties and in enduring the hardship, success acquires its
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Inscrit le: 13 Juil 2010
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Message Posté le: 13/07/2010 06:25:25     Sujet du message: Comment créer mon thème pour mon HTC TOUCH??
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How influentital the Media on Teens Are
     It has been a hot topic discussed heatedly for the time being that how indeed the media influence our teens. Different peopie  come  up  with  different opinions. The following passages are two different comments given by several  teenagers ranging from 15 to 20.
World of Warcraft power leveling,
      One, World of Warcraft power leveling Teens are the most influenced and the easiest to be influenced by
last chaos gold,the media.last chaos gold The media influence the way they dress, talk and conduct themselves. From the latest trends to the coolest celebrities, they imirate what they see, whether it's Katie Holmes's new haircut or the pink shirt that Christina Aguilera wore. So it follows that more serious actions like carrying arms or doing drugs could be copied as well.
aoc power leveling,
      Young people are impressionable.aoc power leveling Therefore, some request that the media should take responsibility by changing some of the content of their shows  especially those for teens. They are huge consumers of media, so networks should show them respect by promoting positive images. They think some shows confuse the lines between entertainment and life.The producers know their audiences are young, so they should realize that teens watching "reality" shows might not be able
aoc power leveling,
to tell the difference between fantasy and fiction.aoc power leveling
      Opposing voices have also come from others. They think that they use the media--magazines, television and movies--to connect to one another and to the world, so naturally,they're influenced by the images the media present. For example, a boy would be lying if he said he didn't want to be like Brad Pitt. Pitt's flawless style, good looks and moneymaking talent seem to define what's "cool".
Final Fantasy XI GIL,
     Nevertheless,Final Fantasy XI GIL those teens hold that the media only provide information, what they as viewers do with that knowledge is up to themselves. They have to learn to make their own choices and accept responsibility for their actions. To blame entertainment figures for certain crimes committed by teens is
aion kinah,
It's not the fault of TV.aion kinah Media are an expression of our culture--not the cause. It's time we stop making the media a scapegoat for our nation's problems. It's not the media's job to make sure kids understand what they're watching; that responsibility belongs to parents. Parents and schools should dedicate more time to establishing clear rules of discipline.The influence of parents and teachers--the teens' true role model--carries more weight with teenagers than what they hear on the radio or see at the movies.


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Inscrit le: 22 Déc 2010
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Message Posté le: 22/12/2010 07:50:01     Sujet du message: Comment créer mon thème pour mon HTC TOUCH??
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wow power leveling Say yes to all wow fans.Cataclysm Is Upon Us!
Dec.7th,2010 marks the launch of awow power leveling new era in World of Warcraft, an era of new beginnings, new levels, newly overhauled areas. In short, wow power leveling World of Warcraft will never be the same. Today, Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller marks wow power leveling the Cataclysm launch day with some reflections on the game that was and what the changes brought to WoW with Cataclysm mean for him. Check it out and then leave us a few of your thoughts below.    
I am not going World of Warcraft power leveling to try and talk about what the expansion has to offer. We know all about it. We have known for months. Really what I want to bring up is why Cataclysm is so important World of Warcraft power leveling to MMOs in 2010. Warcraft is a six year old game. It started off strong in terms of aworld of warcraft power leveling  new MMO in 2004 and 2005. Then it grew huge. It became a cultural phenomenon and started to even break into the main stream. This was a turning point for games and, more importantly, for MMOs. By 2006 Warcraft dominated the market and a host of games were launched to try and  world of warcraft power leveling grasp some of that glory.

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Message Posté le: 21/03/2018 02:30:23     Sujet du message: Comment créer mon thème pour mon HTC TOUCH??

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