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Un chargeur universel pour mobiles
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Inscrit le: 13 Fév 2007
Localisation: Toulouse-31
Sexe: Homme
Opérateur: SFR
Mobile: Nokia 6280
Connaissances en Mobiles: Expert
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Message Posté le: 20/02/2008 05:48:24     Sujet du message: Un chargeur universel pour mobiles
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Le constructeur sino-européen SKPAD, spécialisé dans les accessoires, a présenté sa dernière invention : Clipshell 2, un chargeur USB Secteur avec une Batterie compatible avec tous les appareils mobiles (téléphones, MP3, iPod, iPhone, GPS, PDA, Appareils photo…).

Clipshell 2 permet de charger de 2 manières différentes tous les appareils nomades soit en glissant directement la batterie amovible dans la pince du chargeur, soit en branchant les câbles USB, grâce à ses 2 entrées USB avec 2 voltages distincts qui permettent de charger aussi bien les téléphones que les baladeurs.


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Message Posté le: 20/02/2008 05:48:24     Sujet du message: Publicité
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Messages: 3
Inscrit le: 13 Sep 2008
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Message Posté le: 13/09/2008 19:23:12     Sujet du message: En voila une bonne idée
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En voila une bonne idée, a quand le chargeur sans fil clin


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Inscrit le: 20 Juil 2008
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Message Posté le: 14/10/2008 17:02:53     Sujet du message: Un chargeur universel pour mobiles
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pas mal du tout et surtout très pratique


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Message Posté le: 08/07/2010 08:40:03     Sujet du message: The Protoss in Starcraft
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A powerful and technologically advanced race, the Protoss use a mix of robotic technology and Psionic Power to drive their armies. Protoss in Starcraft was defined by its signature early-game units -- the Dragoon and the Zealot. The new Protoss has a few new tricks up its sleeve.
Stalker: Dragoons have been replaced by this mobile ranged attacker. Stalkers attack both ground and air units and, like the dragoon, are weak to melee attacks. To compensate for this, stalkers have been given the option to upgrade the 'blink' ability -- this allows them to perform a short distance teleport which makes them a very effective unit for kiting and hit and run style attacks.
Blink can be used to teleport up cliffs similar to the reaper. However, unlike the reaper, the stalker must have vision of the location that they are teleporting to -- meaning that you must have some sort of airborne scout or another ground unit or structure already on the cliff in order to teleport onto it. Stalkers are made from gateways once the player has a cybernetics core.(sto credit)
Sentry: A powerful support unit that is integral to protoss strategy. Sentries have three abilities: hallucination, force field, and guardian shield. Hallucination works the same as it did in StarCraft when high templar had it; it creates 'fake' units that take increased damage and do not deal damage that are used to draw enemy fire or create the illusion of a larger army to intimidate opponents.
Force field allows the player to create a block that cannot be moved through by melee units. This can be used to create advantageous terrain for protoss armies, or more commonly to block choke points for defensive or offensive purposes.
Blocking a choke point with force field versus a ground based opponent, then decimating a base or expansion while their units are trapped helpless is a common and highly effective tactic. Force field lasts 15 seconds and costs relatively little energy, so blocks can be maintained for significant amounts of time.
Guardian shield creates a shield around the sentry that reduces damage done to all units within the shield by two for 15 seconds. Another highly powerful ability that makes the sentry integral (and particularly effective) to the protoss army.

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Message Posté le: 21/03/2018 02:26:23     Sujet du message: Un chargeur universel pour mobiles

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