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[acessoire]Comme une mannette
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Recrue en Test

Messages: 23
Inscrit le: 02 Fév 2008
Localisation: nord
Sexe: Homme
Opérateur: bouygue télécom
Mobile: sony ericson
Parrain: Roctiv
Point(s): 63
Moyenne de points: 2,74
Message Posté le: 18/02/2008 12:57:24     Sujet du message: [acessoire]Comme une mannette
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J'ai trouver cette image sur internet je trouve cet acessoire interrsent car a mon avis vous aurez une meilleir prise en main:

Quand penser vous ?


Message Posté le: 18/02/2008 12:57:24     Sujet du message: Publicité
PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?


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Messages: 485
Inscrit le: 27 Aoû 2007
Localisation: Nouvelle Calédonie
Sexe: Homme
Mobile: Sony Ericsson K750i
Point(s): 2 514
Moyenne de points: 5,18
Médaille d'Honneur: Médaille d'Or
Message Posté le: 18/02/2008 21:19:32     Sujet du message: [acessoire]Comme une mannette
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Je ne possède pas de psp mais à mon avis c'est un accessoire très intéressant pour les utilisateurs de cette console qui y jouent assez souvent.
Raaa je vais peut etre me laisser tenter un de ces jours pour l'acquisition d'une psp... icon_journal ça dépendra de la paye et de tout ce qui faut payer de plus urgent.

Merci 115 pour l'info !




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Messages: 13
Inscrit le: 02 Juin 2010
Point(s): 13
Moyenne de points: 1,00
Message Posté le: 28/06/2010 09:24:11     Sujet du message: Cenarius seizing great promise in Malfurion
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It wasn't long before scattered plants and animals of Azeroth brought tidings of these night elves to Cenarius. Surprised and intrigued, Cenarius located the night elves and looked into their hearts. He saw great promise in Malfurion, a promise that made up Cenarius' mind.
The laughing trio was shocked into silence when Cenarius stepped out of a shadowed thicket. He introduced himself and offered to teach them the druidic arts. They accepted eagerly. Malfurion proved a quick and talented student, but his brother was clumsy and quickly grew impatient.
Kur'talos was deeply loyal to Queen Azshara and could not believe she had been involved in the Burning Legion's arrival on Azeroth. Indeed, he led the night elf forces against the demons into battle time and again, shouting the queen's name as a rallying cry.(wow gold)
Ironically it was Azshara who eventually ordered her second-in-command, Captain Varo'then, to eliminate Kur'talos. Having given her loyalty to Sargeras, ruler of the Legion, Azshara was irritated by the night elf army's continued opposition to the Legion, which divided the Legion's forces and delayed Sargeras from successfully entering Azeroth.
Eager to please his queen, Varo'then dispatched a soldier to the battlefront. The orc Broxigar spotted the assassin and tried to warn Kur'talos, but his warning came too late.
The assassin stabbed Kur'talos through the back of the neck before attempting to flee. Broxigar swiftly caught up to the assassin and slew him in turn.Malfurion is the fraternal twin of Illidan Stormrage and, like his brother, grew up as the friend of Tyrande Whisperwind millennia before the Great Sundering. One day Malfurion came across several legends that referenced a reclusive demigod of the forests.
Malfurion had always had great reverence for the natural world, although the night elves as a race had long since abandoned any interest in such matters. He shared the legends of Cenarius with Illidan and Tyrande. The three night elves decided that it would be an exciting adventure to search for the demigod, though in truth they no more believed in Cenarius than the rest of their people did.
For her part, Tyrande was already a novice in the Sisterhood of Elune and so had dedicated herself to the goddess above all others. Malfurion alone would go on to become a druid.

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Message Posté le: 22/03/2018 11:03:40     Sujet du message: [acessoire]Comme une mannette

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