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Author:conola Posted:04/06/2016 05:33:13Tamil Latest!Mp3#Free

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Author:perfectgirl999 Posted:11/06/2010 08:43:50Mortal Shots in Patch 3.3.3
Patch 3.3.3 has hit, bringing some surprises with it. We got the BM buffs we knew about, but we were also slipped some changes that weren't on the PTR. In addition to some truly odd things, Ghostcrawler put on his santa suit and slipped in some nice presents for all the good hunters of the world.
Unfortunately some of the patch notes are a bit vague, or they're worded very poorly (in one case implying the exact opposite of what the change really was). But after a bit of legwork and testing, it looks like most of these changes are good things for us.
Mortal Shots is the talent that boosts the crit damage of our special shots by 30%. When our tier 9 set (that lets our Serpent Sting crit) first came out, it wasn't playing well with Mortal Shots. This was fixed -- somewhat -- but still wasn't doing the full damage expected. We learned to live with it because the set bonus was still so amazing, even if it wasn't quite as good as it maybe should have been.(cheap wow gold)

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Author:wode0012 Posted:09/06/2010 04:29:27Add in slower PvP pacing
When Wrath of the Lich King was released, Blizzard stated that it was one of their major goals to make raiding more accessible to every type of player. I'd say they achieved that goal, with just about every player who wants to able to experience a raid instance to see several of the bosses in each tier of raiding. ( wow gold )
With the easily obtained emblem and crafted gear, it's not hard for even newly 80 players to be raid-ready in a couple of weeks. Even the hardest instance in the expansion, Icecrown Citadel, is partially open to the most novice of PUGs. I think we can agree that Blizzard has figured out how to make raiding more accessible.
Their next project in Cataclysm is to bring that same level of accessibility to PvP. They've already planned world PvP zones with the explicit purpose of promoting PvP, namely Tol Barad. We can also expect the new rated battleground feature to allow larger groups and guilds to participate in PvP without being under the arena micro...

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